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You can download the latest beta version of HiggsBounds-5 here (HiggsBounds-5.3.2beta.tar.gz). Important changes in the input framework for HiggsBounds-5 are documented here (draft version). The last pre-13-TeV-LHC HiggsBounds version (4.3.1) is found here: HiggsBounds-4.3.1.tar.gz . HiggsBounds is using Fortran 90/2003. As always, please contact us if you have any problems with the installation.        ( hide history )

22.12.18 HiggsBounds-5.3.2beta.tar.gz Bug fix in SM cross section for WH/Zh production at the Tevatron (bug was in effect since version 5.3.0beta). Thanks go to Andres Perez and Thomas Biekoetter for reporting!
20.12.18 HiggsBounds-5.3.1beta.tar.gz Improved configure file (run ./configure for more information). Otherwise, identical results and functionality as version 5.3.0beta.
26.11.18 HiggsBounds-5.3.0beta.tar.gz Many new search results implemented, in particular from charged Higgs searches and searches for Higgs-to-Higgs decays.
15.08.18 HiggsBounds-5.2.0beta.tar.gz Many new ATLAS and CMS results with about 36 fb-1 included.
19.07.17 HiggsBounds-5.1.1beta.tar.gz Small updates in example program HBwithFH.F to avoid segmentation fault.
04.06.17 HiggsBounds-5.1.0beta.tar.gz A few more experimental limits (mostly for Higgs to Higgs decays) added from after Moriond 2017.
17.03.17 HiggsBounds-5.0.0beta.tar.gz Major changes: Includes an extended model input framework documented here (draft version) and the latest results from the LHC at 13 TeV. This is a preliminary beta release! Please use with care and report any unexpected behavior to the HiggsBounds team! Thanks!
18.01.16 HiggsBounds-4.3.1.tar.gz A bug was fixed which appeared for limits that depend on two Higgs masses, where the masses were inadvertently set equal. Thanks to William Klemm for pointing this out!
16.01.16 HiggsBounds-4.3.0.tar.gz Includes many results from summer 2015 (amongst others, searches for H to hh decays). The CMS results (including likelihood information) from searches for non-standard Higgs bosons to di-tau final states have been updated to the improved results from CMS-PAS-HIG-14-029 (likelihood can be called with ID 14029). HiggsBounds/Signals now works with up to 99 neutral and 99 charged Higgs bosons!
24.07.15 HiggsBounds-4.2.1.tar.gz The CMS MSSM h/H/A->tau tau likelihood implementation in HiggsBounds is officially published, see arXiv:1507.06706 Minor changes with respect to HiggsBounds-4.2.0 in how the likelihood routines are called.
12.12.14 HiggsBounds-4.2.0.tar.gz Includes many results from Summer 2014. The CMS MSSM h/H/A->tau tau search results are implemented via a likelihood, that is reconstructed from the single resonance model provided by CMS, see the new example program 'HBwithLHCchisq.f90' for details. Careful: This is still in testing phase!
02.09.14 HiggsBounds-4.1.3.tar.gz Bug fix: corrected problem in implementation of ATL-CONF-2013-013 (high mass H->4l, ggF/VBF), which led to weaker limits.
03.07.14 HiggsBounds-4.1.2.tar.gz Update of HiggsBounds-4.1.1, where one analysis (CMS MSSM H->tau tau) had been accidentally removed. This affected only HiggsBounds-4.1.1.
26.05.14 HiggsBounds-4.1.1.tar.gz Bug fix: Problem in theory input of the neutral Higgs mass value(s) in parameter scans, which appeared when HiggsBounds and HiggsSignals were used simultaneously. Thanks go to Matthias Hamer for pointing it out!
03.11.13 HiggsBounds-4.1.0.tar.gz Higgs exclusion limits from Summer 2013 conferences added.
09.05.13 HiggsBounds-4.0.0.tar.gz Major changes: Includes extended input framework and the latest results for the LHC at 8TeV. Modified statistical combination ("full method": testing each Higgs boson individually) necessary due to Higgs discovery. Treatment of theoretical mass uncertainties by multiple evaluations at varied mass positions. Chi-squared values for the LEP exclusion limits are now officially included via an addon (separate download, see below).
18.05.12 HiggsBounds-3.8.0.tar.gz Includes the Higgs search results from the Moriond 2012 conference. Another major improvement is a revamped model likeness test, which weights the allowed deviation of the individual Higgs channels by their expected contribution to the total signal rate in the Standard Model. This in particular enhances the applicability of combined SM Higgs searches.
20.03.12 HiggsBounds-3.7.0.tar.gz Official release of HiggsBounds Version 3.x.x including both versions of the code. Minor changes in the Fortran 90/2003 version. The package contains the most recent analyses before Moriond 2012.
19.01.12 HiggsBounds-3.6.1beta.tar.gz Bug fix in CMS analysis HIG-PAS-11-029. The observed and expected limits were in the wrong order. Thanks go to Oscar Stal for spotting this.
18.01.12 HiggsBounds-3.6.0beta.tar.gz Contains 8 new ATLAS and 11 new CMS searches, including the results from the joint ATLAS and CMS seminar at CERN on 13th December 2011.
19.10.11 HiggsBounds-3.5.0beta.tar.gz EPS 2011 results part III: 3 new tables of experimental results from EPS 2011. LeptonPhoton 2011 results: 8 new ATLAS analyses and 7 new CMS analyses. SUSY 2011: 1 new CMS analysis.
29.07.11 HiggsBounds-3.4.0beta.tar.gz EPS 2011 results part II: 14 new tables of experimental results from EPS 2011.
26.07.11 HiggsBounds-3.3.0beta.tar.gz EPS 2011 results part I: 15 new tables of experimental results, mostly from EPS 2011 (part II to follow shortly).
13.07.11 HiggsBounds-3.2.0beta.tar.gz Includes new searches. Fixed bug in S95tables.f90 which could cause the code to stop when it was compiled with intel fortran (thanks go to Lisa Zeune).
07.07.11 HiggsBounds-3.1.4beta.tar.gz Fixed bug in S95tables.f90 in the SM-likeness test of the search ATLAS-CONF-2011-025. Due to this bug the analysis was applied also in inappropriate cases such as fermiophobic Higgs models. Many thanks to Aleksandr Azatov for pointing this out.
19.06.11 (slight change 21.06.11) HiggsBounds-3.1.3beta.tar.gz Fixed bug in input.F90, which affected the command line version of HiggsBounds only. Bug caused the program to stop with the error message 'error in input file format' if the option whichinput='part' was selected.
21.06.11: Version number corrected. Default delta_Mh_TEV and delta_Mh_LHC changed from 10GeV to 0GeV (these variables are set at the top of S95tables.f90 and can be changed by the user - see manual for a description).
06.06.11 HiggsBounds-3.1.2beta.tar.gz Bug Fix in example program HBwithFH.F: BR(Higgs->invisible) was always set to zero by mistake. Thanks go to Nazila Mahmoudi for pointing this out!
01.06.11 (slight change 03.06.11) HiggsBounds-3.1.1beta.tar.gz Bug Fix in normalisation factor in the Tevatron gluon fusion cross section. (Bug was present in HB-3.0.0beta and HB-3.1.0beta.)
03.06.11: Now allows the user to change delta_Mh_TEV and delta_Mh_LHC (this was not implemented in HB-3.0.0beta and HB-3.1.0beta).
20.05.11 (slight change 23.05.11, 24.05.11, 26.05.11) HiggsBounds-3.1.0beta.tar.gz Improved SLHA interface: subroutine version and HBwithSLHA run 6 times faster, commandline version runs 12 times faster. We provide a new program (HBSLHAinputblocksfromFH) that uses FeynHiggs 2.8.0 subroutines to create a SLHA file suitable for input to HiggsBounds. See notes in the beginning of HBSLHAinputblocksfromFH.f90 for further instructions. We have also updated the example program HBwithFH (which demonstrates how HiggsBounds subroutines and FeynHiggs subroutines can be used together) to use FeynHiggs 2.8.0. We have also added one more CDF analysis.
23.05.11: Couple of lines added to make sure the code compiles with Portland Fortran compiler. If you are not using the Portland compiler there is no need to change your copy of HiggsBounds-3.1.0beta.
24.05.11: Renamed HBSLHAinputblocksfromFH.f90 to HBSLHAinputblocksfromFH.F90 and fixed a typo in this file, which was added yesterday.
26.05.11: Changed the FeynHiggs flags used by default in HBSLHAinputblocksfromFH_extras.F90. Note that, if using either HBSLHAinputblocksfromFH or HBwithFH, the user should check that these flags are given their preferred values (e.g. these could differ in the real and complex MSSM).
10.05.11 HiggsBounds-3.0.0beta.tar.gz Major changes: Includes LHC Higgs searches. Sinces this requires a lot of extra theoretical information, this required substantial changes in the user interface: see the updated manual for more information.
08.04.11 HiggsBounds-2.1.1.tar.gz Bug in HB 2.0.0 and HB2.1.0 corrected: In the f77 version, the array BRhjZgam was not properly initialised for large Higgs masses. Thanks go to Oscar Stål.
02.02.11 HiggsBounds-2.1.0.tar.gz New tables of experimental results added (see the output of the webversion for full list).
05.08.10 (slight change 16.03.11) HiggsBounds-2.0.0.tar.gz Major changes: Includes charged Higgs searches and a wider range of neutral Higgs searches. Sinces this requires a lot of extra theoretical information, this required substantial changes in the user interface: see the updated manual for more information.
16.03.11: replaced the -for-comparison files in the HiggsBounds-f77 folder (they had not been generated with the most up-to-date copy of HB 2.0.0). No changes made to the code itself.
12.09.09 (slight change 24.02.10) HiggsBounds-1.2.0.tar.gz More tables of Tevatron results added, where they require no new input to HiggsBounds. New versions of the files HBwithCPsuperH.f and HBwithCPsuperH.input, which can be used in conjunction with the version of CPsuperH2.0 from 10 June 2009. (Old versions are also still included). Bug fixed in the sample program HBwithFHdemo (calculation of g2hjgg).
24.02.2010: some line breaks added to files HiggsBounds-f77/TEV-bound.F and HiggsBounds-f77/analyses-descriptions.h, so that code now compiles with the Intel Fortran compiler. (Thanks go to Shehu AbdusSalam)
29.06.09 HiggsBounds-1.1.0.tar.gz Many new tables of experimental results added (see the output of the webversion for full list). Note that this release only includes experimental results which require no new input from the HiggsBounds user - we will shortly release another version which will deal with these extra results. Slight change to Standard Model results such that they agree more precisely with those used by the Tevatron experiments (see the file br.input for the input given to HDecay to get these branching ratios). The variable 'whichexpt' has been renamed 'whichanalyses', since future verions will have the option of including results from published experimental analyses only. The file HBwithFH.F is designed to be used in conjunction with FeynHiggs version 2.6.5. The package also includes the file HBwithFH2.6.4.F, which is suitable for FeynHiggs version 2.6.4. Note that these are not interchangeable.
09.03.09 HiggsBounds-1.0.3.tar.gz F90 version: now uses the Bayesian results from arXiv:0808.0534, rather than those obtained with the CLs calculation (and is therefore now consistent with F77 version). F77 version: bug in user interface to SM Br(H->ZZ) fixed. (n.b. this does not affect the branching ratios used internally by HiggsBounds or any of the example programs)
04.03.09 HiggsBounds-1.0.2.tar.gz F90 version: changes made to ensure it compiles with g95 (Some changes also made to aid compilation with the NAG compiler. However, note that HiggsBounds has not been properly tested with this compiler). Edited HiggsBounds-f90/create_store_pathname.bat to cope with arbitrarily long paths. Named some sample output files more concisely. Commentaries in HiggsBounds-f77/makefile.in improved.
10.02.09 HiggsBounds-1.0.1.tar.gz minor cosmetic change to file HiggsBounds-f77/makefile.in
06.02.09 HiggsBounds-1.0.0.tar.gz Version Submitted to CPC

Further information can be found in the following references:

In particular, consult the latest version of the HiggsBounds 4.x.x manual. We are currently working on an updated HiggsBounds 5 manual!

If you download the code, we recommend that you sign up to the HiggsBounds-announce mailing list, in order to be informed when new releases are available.

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports or feature requests please let us know. Contact Tim.

Referencing HiggsBounds

If you use HiggsBounds, please cite the references listed above.

HiggsBounds incorporates many results from experimental searches and SM calculations. To make it quicker for users to access these references, we provide a list as a .bib file and a .bbl file. (This example .tex file cites each of these sources once, creating this .pdf file).

Quick start guide

  1. unpack the .tar.gz file
  2. cd to the HiggsBounds directory
  3. ./configure
  4. make
  5. run the program HiggsBounds using the command-line options
    ./HiggsBounds whichanalyses whichinput nHzero nHplus prefix 
    For example,
    ./HiggsBounds LandH effC 3 1 'example_data/mhmodplus/mhmod+_'
    will run HiggsBounds
    • using LEP, Tevatron and LHC data (whichanalyses=LandH)
    • with input in the 'effective coupling' format (whichinput=effC)
    • for a model containing three neutral Higgs (nHzero=3)
    • and one singly, positively charged Higgs (nHplus=1)
    • using the example input files (supplied in the HiggsBounds package):
    The results are stored in
  6. The HiggsBounds package also contains simple example programs showing the use of the HiggsBounds subroutines, including programs demonstrating the use of HiggsBounds in conjunction with FeynHiggs.

The LEP exclusion chi-squared extension

For the model-independent LEP Higgs searches the full information on CLs and CLsb have been made available to the HiggsBounds team, such that we can derive a chi-squared measure (assuming the Gaussian limit) for the LEP exclusion. For more information, see the HiggsBounds 4.x.x manual.

In order to enable the LEP chi-squared extension, please download csboutput_trans_binary.tar.gz, which contains the necessary experimental tables, and follow the descriptions in the HiggsBounds manual.

Note that the LEP chi-squared extension is only supported for the usage of HiggsBounds via the Fortran subroutines/library.



You can download the beta version of HiggsSignals-2 here (HiggsSignals-2.2.3beta.tar.gz). HiggsSignals is using Fortran 90/2003. HiggsSignals-2 needs to be linked to the HiggsBounds version 5 library. The latest pre-13-TeV-LHC HiggsSignals version (1.4.0) can be found here: HiggsSignals-1.4.0.tar.gz . As always, please contact us if you have any problems with the installation.        ( hide history )

20.12.18 HiggsSignals-2.2.3beta.tar.gz Improved configure file (run ./configure for more information). Small modifications of default assignment-range values. Otherwise, identical results and functionality as version 2.2.2beta.
26.11.18 HiggsSignals-2.2.2beta.tar.gz Internal changes of the HW/HZ cross sections require this version to be compiled with HiggsBounds version 5.3.0beta or higher.
30.08.18 HiggsSignals-2.2.1beta.tar.gz Bug fixed in implementation of CMS VH,H->bb measurements (13 TeV, 35.9 fb-1) in observable set "LHC13". (Thanks go to Essodjolo Kpatcha.)
15.08.18 HiggsSignals-2.2.0beta.tar.gz Many new developments: The total chi^2 is composed of a LHC Run-1 part, a part from LHC Run-2 signal strength observables (observable set "LHC13"), and a part from LHC Run-2 Simplified Template Cross Section (STXS) observables (also contained in the observable set "LHC13"). For each an individual run subroutine exists, please look at the provided example programs. Most of the 36 fb-1 measurements are implemented and validated.
04.06.17 HiggsSignals-2.1.0beta.tar.gz New routines for a quick chi^2 test against the ATLAS+CMS Run 1 combination, see new example code HS_SM_LHCRun1.f90. First LHC 13 results included, but yet unvalidated! (The observable set 'latestresults' is still identical to version 1.4.0.)
17.03.17 HiggsSignals-2.0.0beta.tar.gz This version is a modified version of HiggsSignals-1.4.0 which can be compiled against the new HiggsBounds-5.0.0beta library. Note, however, that the provided example programs don't work at the moment, and that this package does not yet include any 13 TeV measurements.
24.07.15 HiggsSignals-1.4.0.tar.gz Includes new ATLAS ttH -> multilepton and VH -> VWW results as well as updated ATLAS Higgs combination results in inclusive channels.
02.03.15 HiggsSignals-1.3.2.tar.gz Bug fix in the Higgs mass chi-squared contribution in the peak-centered chi-squared method for the pdf choices 'box' (1) and 'box+Gaussian' (3).
28.01.15 HiggsSignals-1.3.1.tar.gz Bug fix in the Higgs mass chi-squared contribution in the peak-centered chi-squared method: Removed artificial minus signs in the off-diagonal entries of the covariance matrix. (Thanks go to Bjoern Sarrazin for helpful comments!) The simultaneous use of peak- and mass-centered chi-squared methods is currently deactivated due to current developments. We strongly recommend to use the peak-centered chi-squared method.
12.12.14 HiggsSignals-1.3.0.tar.gz Includes: updated observables (status December 2014). Revamped the Higgs mass chi^2 contribution in the peak-centered chi^2 method and included a new example program 'HS_2Higgses.f90'. Changes are documented in the HiggsSignals-1.3 release note.
10.03.14 HiggsSignals-1.2.0.tar.gz Includes: updated observables (status March 2014).
13.11.13 HiggsSignals-1.1.0.tar.gz Includes: updated default observables (status November 2013); some corrections in the HS-1.0.0 observable set (status April 2013); refined implementation of theoretical rate uncertainties; interface to insert different signal efficiencies for the model vs. SM. A bug was fixed, affecting the Higgs boson to signal assignment in case of more than 3 neutral Higgs bosons (Thanks go to Florian Domingo for reporting this bug!). New features and observables are documented in the HiggsSignals-1.1 release note.
09.05.13 HiggsSignals-1.0.0.tar.gz First release.

The program is documented in:

We are currently working on an updated HiggsSignals 2 manual!

Please consult the latest version of the HiggsSignals 1.x.x manual. Further information on the program and related issues can be found in

Announcements about HiggsSignals will also be given to the HiggsBounds-announce mailing list.

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports or feature requests please let us know. Contact Tim.

Referencing HiggsSignals

If you use HiggsSignals, please cite the HiggsSignals as well as HiggsBounds references listed above. Furthermore, please do not forget to include citations to the experimental measurements, which are used as observables in your project.

Quick start guide

  1. unpack the .tar.gz file
  2. cd to the HiggsSignals directory
  3. please check/edit configure for the correct link to the HiggsBounds library and compiler settings.
  4. you can now directly run the bash script ./run_tests.bat. (Note: The script uses gnuplot to create results from test runs.)
  5. We provide various example programs, where many features are demonstrated. Also, they show how to use HiggsSignals together with FeynHiggs and HiggsBounds.

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